Love Never Fades In ‘Endless’, Score By Todd Bryanton and Nik Freitas Out Now

Endless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Todd Bryanton & Nik Freitas

Music.Film Recordings and Varèse Sarabande have released Endless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, available now digitally on all major music services!  The album features score by Todd Bryanton (The Recall) and Nik Frietas (Arrranger on “Mute“, Composer on The Upstate Four), and the heartfelt orchestral pop-ballad, “Wish” by Nik Freitas and featuring Lily Kershaw.  Read more about the composers and get album listening links below. 

The romantic drama Endless was released by Quiver on demand and in select theaters August 14.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List
01. Wish – Lily Kershaw, Nik Freitas
02. On the Dock – Nik Freitas
03. Acceptance Letter – Nik Freitas
04. After the Crash – Todd Bryanton
05. Bittersweet Memories – Nik Freitas
06. I Know You Hear Me – Todd Bryanton
07. Perfect – Nik Freitas, Todd Bryanton
08. Thin Ice – Todd Bryanton
09. Spiritual Communication – Todd Bryanton
10. Conjuring Chris – Nik Freitas
11. Finding the Watch – Nik Freitas
12. I’ve Been in the Storm So Long – Todd Bryanton
13. Around the Fire – Todd Bryanton
14. The Funeral – Todd Bryanton
15. Last Dock Meeting – Nik Freitas
16. Desperate Drawing – Todd Bryanton
17. Here Because of You – Nik Freitas, Todd Bryanton
18. Live for Me – Todd Bryanton
19. The Letter – Nik Freitas
20. Follow – Nik Freitas 


Todd Bryanton is a Canadian musician and composer based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. He has composed for films such as The Humanity Bureau (dir. Rob W. King, starring Nicolas Cage), Distorted (dir. Rob W. King, starring Christina Ricci & John Cusack), The Recall (dir. Mauro Borrelli, starring Wesley Snipes), The Tall Man (dir. Pascal Laugier, starring Jessica Biel), and Surveillance (dir. Jennifer Lynch, starring Bill Pullman). In addition to his film and TV work, Bryanton’s YouTube music channel has received over 100 million views.

Nik Freitas has always been on his own wavelength. The 42-year-old songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and producer has had a fruitful yet underrated career in myriad Sects of the entertainment industry. In the early 2000’s he worked as a skateboard Photographer at Thrasher Magazine; a few years later he was a touring musician In acts like Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, Jenny Lewis, M. Ward, and Broken Bells: and for the last decade he’s been scoring commercials, T.V. shows and films for a living. However, throughout all of those creative ventures, Freitas has identified as a songwriter above all else, self-producing and releasing 9 solo records since 2002.

Based out of his Poppy Peak studio in Los Angeles, Nik has written and composed music for a number of advertising campaigns (Honda, Vans Shoes, Subaru) and written original songs for Television Shows on NBC (This Is Us) CW (Riverdale) FOX (New Girl, Ben and Kate) Amazon ( Goliath, Man In the Hight Castle) and MTV (Teen Mom, Teen Mom OG).

Endless follows love struck high school graduates Riley (Shipp) and Chris (Hamilton). When they are separated by a tragic car accident, Riley blames herself for her boyfriend’s death while Chris is stranded in limbo. Miraculously, the two find a way to connect. In a love story that transcends life and death, both Riley and Chris are forced to learn the hardest lesson of all: letting go.

Quiver presents ENDLESS, available now On Demand and in theaters.


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