Free Music Fridays: Nacho Libre For Your Classic Summer Soundtrack Playlist!

For Free Music Fridays, Lakeshore Records has whipped out the classic summer soundtrack that’ll put a smie on your face:  Nacho Libre – Music From The Motion Picture!   The album features two original songs by Beck, classic bits of hilarious dialogue from Nacho, and all the other fun music from the movie including score by Danny Elfman.

When the album was originally released in 2006, the various artists soundtrack charted to No. 5 on iTunes, so we know you’re getting the hits for your library!  See the track list and download details below.


The first 100 people to email with subject line, “Nacho Libre” will get a free download code to the album!  Hurry: first come, first served or through Thursday, August 20 at 12 noon PDT (while supplies last).  

Track Listing : 

1. Hombre Religioso (Religious Man) – Mr. Loco
2. A Nice Pile-Drive To The Face – Nacho
3. Move, Move, Move – Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker
4. Papas! – Mr. Loco
5. Singing At The Party – Jack Black with Ismael Garcia Ruiz Y Su Trio
6. Ramses Suite – Danny Elfman
7. All The Orphans In The World – Nacho & Esqueleto
8. There Is No Place In This World For Me – Beck
9. I’m Serious – Nacho
10. 10,000 Pesos – Beck
11. Irene – Caetano Veleso
12. Pump A Jam (Ramses) – Cholotronic
13. Black Is Black – Eddie Santiago
14. Half Forgotten Daydreams – John Cameron
15. Encarnacion – Jack Black
16. Tender Beasts Of The Spangled Night – Beck
17. Saint Behind The Glass – Los Lobos
18. Beneath The Clothes We Find The Man? – Nacho
19. Forbidden Nectar – Jack Black & Mucha Mucho Acapulco

A Scene From Nacho Libre (Soundtrack Still) | Lakeshore Records

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