Join ‘The Rise of the Synths’ For The Virtual Film Festival Event (May 29)!

The Rise of the Synths - Virtual Film Festival Event

Join the producers of The Rise of the Synths for their first ever virtual film festival event, ??? ???? ???? ??? CET and for a ??????? ?? ?????, you´ll be able to watch the documentary, The Rise Of The Synths online. There will also be a special interactive Q&A, hosted by Aaron Vehling (Vehlinggo), special guests Director Ivan Castell, Composer Robin Ogden (Ogre) and Mecha Maiko.

Lakeshore Records offered early support of the film by releasing the companion album, featuring a compilation of synthwave tracks by some of the genre’s most recognized artists.  Keep reading to access the album listening link and book your tickets to this special virtual film festival event!

Pre-order your ticket here. 

Tickets include the 24-hour streaming, participation in the Q&A and a 10% discount on all merchandising in our future online store (soon to be active). More announcements and details coming soon! 

Download/Listen to the Companion Album: [Digital]

Listen to The Rise of the Synths (Official Companion Album) on Spotify: 



Here are some press on The Rise of the Synths:

“Carpenter is employed as a sensei-like narrator, recording his observations on to a cassette tape to be taken back in time by a Gosling-type pretty-boy street punk driving a DeLorean, in a series of impressively produced interstitial segments”. – The Guardian

“There is something in this fascinating documentary that could be dystopia, the one that made the success of an episode like San Junipero of Black Mirror”. – Les InRocks

“This has more entertainment potential than some fictional stories released this year”. – /Film

“Directed by applying content to the form (…), avoiding the classical boring talking heads documentary”. – Contraplano

“It will delight music lovers and fans of synthesizers… but also the 80s nostalgics”. – Cinemania

“Hits all the right notes in terms of why and how the music and iconic imagery appeals – even to those who weren’t born in the 70s or 80s.” – ForeverSynth

“It builds a (…) manifesto that has in its epicenter the director of ‘The Thing’, which is too awesome to overlook”. – Espinof

“A narrative and audiovisual achievement… This movie smells like popcorn… and passion”. – Heraldo

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