Homecoming Season 2 Soundtrack - Emile Mosseri | Lakeshore Records

Premiere: Listen To Emile Mosseri’s ‘Homecoming’ Season 2 Debut Track! | Under The Radar

Homecoming Season 2 Soundtrack - Emile Mosseri | Lakeshore Records

We’re excited to premiere “Suddenly Temple,” one of the score’s spotlight tracks. It’s a lush and evocative orchestral track, with persistent strings that lend it a tension that mirrors the show’s ominous, thriller vibe. It brings to mind for us a modernized take on Bernard Herrmann’s classic Hitchcock scores – Under The Radar


Fans of Composer Emile Mosseri will be delighted to see his latest score come to fruition in the form of Homecoming, Amazon Studio’s EMMY® and Golden Globe®-nominated series from creators Sam Esmail (“Mr. Robot”), Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz!  His score for Season 2 of the criticaly-acclaimed series is out digitally on Friday, May 22 on Lakeshore Records.  Listen to an exclusive track, “Suddenly Temple,” premiering now at Under The Radar!  You can pre-save the album now (below).  Keep reading to view the album track listing and more.

Pre-save the album: [Spotify]

Homecoming (Music From The Amazon Original Series)

Emile Mosseri

01. Calico
02. Motel
03. The Giant
04. Suddenly Temple
05. Beyond The Valley of The Berries
06. Leonard’s Theme
07. Redwoods
08. Melon
09. The Orb
10. Blue Peach
11. Alex and Temple
12. What If
13. Prophylactic
14. Geist Maze
15. The Toothpaste Is Out Of The Tube
16. Bunda
17. Lord of the Berries
18. Rock Hammer
19. Calico’s Needle
20. Leonard’s Reprise
21. Middle Of The Lake
22. Drink Up
23. Aromarama
24. Casing Temples House
25. Ice It Before It Swells
26. Jackie Goes Shopping
27. Calico Reprise

Watch Homecoming Season 2 May 22, 2020 on Amazon Prime!  


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