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Whiplash Soundtrack: More Love For Opiuo’s ‘Overture’ Remix | Dancing Astronauts

The good folks over at Dancing Astronauts feature a great Q&A with Australia-based electronic music producer Opiuo, whose remix of “Overture” is featured in the forthcoming Whiplash Deluxe Edition soundtrack!  The piece highlights his collaboration with French DJ and music producer CloZee on their upcoming live show at Red Rocks, which features his contribution to the Whiplash soundtrack.

Both headliners threw in a collection of IDs, including a fresh collaborative track and Opiuo’s unreleased remix of “Overture” from the 2014 film Whiplash.

 In case you missed our previous announcement about this newly-expanded soundtrack reissue, Whiplash (out March 27) features 36 tracks including never before released bonus tracks and remixes, brand new cover art and liner notes from T.S. Monk.  See more details and purchase links below.

Pre-order The Album: [Digital/CD/Vinyl]

LP One: Big Band & Avant-Garde

Side One

  1. Snare Liftoff (I Want To Be One Of The Greats)
  2. Overture
  3. Too Hip To Retire
  4. Whiplash
  5. Upswingin’
  6. Rehearsal Medley (First Nassau Band Rehearsal / Rival Overbrook Chart / Second Nassau Band Rehearsal / Studio Band Eavesdrop / Studio Band Rehearsal After Breakup)
  7. Caravan

Side Two

  1. What’s Your Name (If You Want The Part, Earn It)
  2. Practicing
  3. Invited
  4. Call From Dad
  5. Accident
  6. Hug From Dad
  7. Drum & Drone
  8. Carnegie
  9. Ryan / Breakup
  10. Drum Battle
  11. Dismissed
  12. Good Job (He Was A Beautiful Player)


LP Two: Vintage Cuts & Bonus Material

Side Three

  1. Intoit [Stan Getz]
  2. No Two Words [Nicholas Britell & Justin Hurwitz]
  3. When I Wake
  4. Casey’s Song
  5. Fletcher’s Song In Club
  6. Keep Me Waiting [Dana Williams]
  7. Fletcher’s Song
  8. When I Wake (Reprise) (feat. Jullanar Gamboa)
  9. Upswingin’ (Bad Drumming)
  10. Caravan (Bad Drumming)

Side Four

  1. Fletcher’s Song In Club (Halder Flip)
  2. Overture (Opiuo Remix)
  3. Caravan (Timo Garcia Remix)
  4. New York City And You (feat. Murray A. Lightburn)
  5. Came To Win (feat. Konrad OldMoney & Junoflo)
  6. Fletcher’s Song (DOWORK Remix)
  7. Casey’s Song (The Tao of Groove Remix)

Cast your eyes out this lovely vinyl unboxing featuring the newly-expanded record:

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