Limetown (Original Series Soundtrack)

New Soundtrack: Ronit Kirchman’s Score to Facebook Watch Series ‘Limetown’ Debuts Digitally!

Limetown Soundtrack - Ronit Kirchman | Lakeshore Records

The series, which stars Jessica Biel as a woman hunting for the truth behind a mysterious research facility, had a bone-chilling effect on audiences when it was released earlier this year, thanks in part to its soundtrack from composer Ronit Kirchman. – Jenna Anderson,

Lakeshore Records is pleased to release the soundtrack to Limetown – A Facebook Watch Original Series featuring score by composer Ronit Kirchman (“The Sinner”, Now You See Me).  The acclaimed series is adapted from the widely-known podcast of the same name and all 10-episodes of Limetown season one are available now on Facebook Watch. Listen to the title track, “Limetown” which premiered originally at

The album is now available for streaming and purchase on all digital platforms.  See album links and more about this critically-acclaimed series below.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

01. Lia
02. Limetown
03. Like Nobody Ever Was
04. Fresh Start
05. Disobedient Lia
06. The Wire
07. Project Hummingbird
08. Frankie and Elouise
09. Synchronized Drawing
10. SLVA
11. Winona’s Welcome
12. Winona Searching
13. Napoleon
14. They Are Listening
15. Disaster Coming
16. Graveyard With No Bodies
17. Emile
18. New Leaf
19. Sweet Dreams
20. The Panic
21. Finlayson
22. I Miss You Most Of All
23. Worth
24. It’s About Me
25. Alison and Emile
26. Emile Appears
27. This Is The Cost
28. The Lost
29. Approaching Rake (Bonus Track)
30. Broken (Bonus Track)
31. Survivor (Bonus Track)
32. House 27 (Bonus Track)
33. Surveillance (Bonus Track)
34. Flawless Execution (Bonus Track)


Ronit Kirchman’s perspective on the series: “Even though Limetown plays as a thriller, it also creates a believable reality similar to ours with all of the complexity one might find – love, gentleness, curiosity, and hope, as well as dissociation, horror, dread, and menace. It comes to life through nuanced and powerful performances from Jessica Biel, Stanley Tucci, Kelly Jenrette, John Beasley, Janet Kidder, and many others. Since Limetown originated as a podcast, the series also offers a great opportunity for sonic innovation. When I was asked to join the Limetown team, it was an easy ‘yes.’”

“Limetown is filled with resonant themes that I loved working with as a composer. What happens to empathy as we humans continue to push the boundaries of technology? What happens to cruelty? The technology amplifies all of our core human struggles. In certain places, the score quite literally represents the imagined sonic measurements of human and animal emotion. The ambitious scope of Limetown’s ideas allowed me to incorporate a wide musical palette, ranging from machine sounds and modulations to heartfelt melody, to the sounds of the orchestra unleashed in a new way. I hope that the score provides you with a sonic journey through all of the fascinating and often disturbing spaces of Limetown,” says Kirchman.


People vanish. The truth doesn’t. Stream LIMETOWN only on Facebook Watch.

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