Radio Rental Original Podcast Soundtrack - Makeup and Vanity Set | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records To Release Makeup and Vanity Set’s ‘Radio Rental’ Score, Tenderfoot TV Podcasts Partnership Announced! | Billboard

Radio Rental Original Podcast Soundtrack - Makeup and Vanity Set | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records is thrilled to announce the podcast soundtrack partnership with Tenderfoot TV, kicking off the series with the release of the first album, Radio Rental – Original Podcast Soundtrack featuring an electronic score by synthwave and electronic music producer Makeup and Vanity Set (aka MAVS).  Listen to the theme to Radio Rental now exclusively at Billboard!  Keep reading to view the album track list and more details.

“The idea that our listeners get to digest podcast soundtracks like they do all other albums is a natural progression,” said Tenderfoot TV co-founder and president Donald Albright. “When you love a film, or a TV show, you want to be able to get lost in the soundtrack. It’s no different for a podcast. Lakeshore Records has put out some of the most creative, important and unique soundtracks in entertainment, so we knew they were an essential partner.”


Pre-order/Pre-Save The Album: [iTunes/Spotify]

Radio Rental (Original Podcast Soundtrack)
Makeup and Vanity Set

01. Newsflash
02. Be Kind Rewind
03. Fact or Fiction
04. What Could Go Wrong
05. Under the Bed
06. McCoy
07. Permutation
08. Afterhours
09. Pick Up The Phone
10. Sixty Seconds
11. They Know
12. Come Again
13. The Babysitter
14. A Light In The Distance
15. Sunrise Static
16. Visions
17. Theme From Radio Rental  

Directed by Payne Lindsey, the series stars Rainn Wilson as Terry Carnation, a video store clerk whose secret VHS collection contains “true tales of horror and the unexplained.”

Lakeshore will later release the soundtracks to Tenderfoot’s other podcasts: Up and Vanished, Monster and To Live and Die in LA, and more, coming soon.  Read the full announcement over at Billboard.

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