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Listen to two exclusive tracks, “Results (Alt version)” and “The Finish Line” from the Brittany Runs A Marathon soundtrack, premiering at Slash Film!  The album features score by two-time EMMY®-nominated composer Duncan Thum (“Chef’s Table”, Dealt).  Brittany, starring Jillian Bell, opens in theaters Friday, August 23 on the same day of the soundtrack release!  See film and full album details below.

A singular amalgam of humor, heartache and self-help that won the U.S. dramatic audience award at Sundance, “Brittany” resolutely goes its own way, entertaining us as richly as anything that’s come out in awhile. – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Amazon Studios presents BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON, now playing in select theaters (get tickets).


Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


This terrifically engaging debut feature by playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo is the best kind of “crowdpleaser”: one that earns every emotional beat that might seem formulaic in four out of five similar enterprises. – Dennis Harvey, Variety

Brittany Runs A Marathon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Duncan Thum

01. NYC Marathon (Alt Version)
02. Results
03. Moneybags Martha (Alt Version)
04. One Block
05. Astoria Runners Group
06. Just A Little Addy
07. Application
08. First 5k
09. Too Much Cardio
10. Finish Line Dreams
11. Pushing It
12. Enjoy This
13. Cartoon Music
14. Netflix And Chill
15. The Blanket Just Moved
16. Losing Control
17. We’re Not Dating
18. Step By Step
19. The Finish Line
20. Results (Alt Version)

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