Review: Stephen Endelman’s ‘Bottom Of The 9th’ Score | Film Music Magazine

It’s yet another winner for this unflashy teaming of cinematic street smarts and deeply felt film music, one that goes to the “Bottom of the 9th” with hard life lyricism and redemptive rhythmic grit. – Film Music Magazine

Coming Friday, July 26 is Stephen Endelman’s score to Bottom of the 9th, the new film starring Joe Manganiello (Justice League, “True Blood”), Golden Globe Nominee Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family“, Hot Pursuit), Denis O’Hare (Dallas Buyers Club, “True Blood”) and Academy Award® Nominee Burt Young (Rocky, Chinatown).  See the full album track list below.  Bottom of the 9th reunites Endelman with Rob The Mob Director Raymond De Felitta.  Ahead of the album release, check out this glowing review and interview over at Film Music Magazine!

Saban Film presents BOTTOM OF THE 9TH, now playing in select theaters (get tickets).

Bottom of the 9th (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Stephen Endelman

01. Prison
02. Cell
03. Freedom
04. Bronx
05. Home
06. Probation
07. Bye Sonny
08. Memories
09. Batting Cage
10. Memories Pt. 2
11. Read the Pitcher
12. Roger Peterson
13. Let’s See What You Got Pt. 2
14. Remember
15. Practice
16. Stay Away
17. Memories Pt. 3
18. Bus
19. Off Bus
20. Baseball Tickets
21. Confrontation
22. Why Was Stano in Jail?
23. Montage
24. Together Again
25. Sonny Beaten
26. Where is he?
27. Home Run
28. End Credits

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