New Soundtrack: Photek’s ‘Mosul’ Score Debuts Digitally

Heading to Work is an absolutely ominous and suspenseful, percussion-driven piece of film score excellence which makes a magnetically dark backdrop to the documentary, and streams for the first time ever right below. – Destroy // Exist

Listen to the latest release by GRAMMY®-nominated recording artist Photek (Rupert  Parkes), who provides the score to Mosul, the feature-length documentary built around several characters that come from the vibrantly diverse cultures and backgrounds that make up modern Iraq: Sunni Tribesman, Shiite Militias, Christian Fighters, and Kurdish Peshmerga.  The story is told as a journey north along the Tigris River and into the heart of darkness as key participants fight to reclaim Mosul from the grip of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISIS, also called “Daesh”). 

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


Told through the eyes of an Iraqi journalist embedded with Iraqi forces and provided with unprecedented access to unfolding events, MOSUL reveals in stunning detail an apocalyptic battle against two unyielding enemies: violent islamic extremism – and the sectarian mistrust and hatred that will remain long after the politicians declare victory.  

MOSUL is now available on VOD on iTunes Movies and Amazon Video.



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