New Vinyl: Hellraiser III Remastered Anniversary Edition Score By Randy Miller

The time has arrived: Randy Miller’s score to Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth arrives on vinyl!  In this Anniversary edition, the score has been re-mastered for this special reissue.  As part of the original iconic Hellraiser movie trilogy, the score deserves its own collectible release.  You’ll just have to check out the details below.  

The Clive Barker film was released in 1992 and stars Doug Bradley (Pinhead/Captain Elliot Spencer), Terry Farrell Kevin Bernhardt and Paula Marshall. The film is ranked as the No. 3 best Hellraiser film, according to Nerdist. Directed by Anthony Hickox (Waxworks), the film is available now on Blu-ray/DVD and Digital (watch on iTunes).

Order The Vinyl: [webshop]

Limited Edition Blood Red W/ Black Smoke Vinyl.
Cut at 45rpm for optimal sound quality.
Vinyl package also includes notes from composer Randy Miller.

Track List
Side A
1 Hellraiser III – Hell On Earth
2 Back To Hell
3 Cenobites’ Death Danse

Side B
4 Pinhead’s Protégés/The Devil’s Mass

Side C
5 Come To Daddy
6 Gothic Rebirth
7 Emergency Room
8 Mind Invasion

Side D
9 The Pillar
10 Elliot’s Story
11 Shall We Begin?

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