‘Late Night’ Soundtrack: Pre-order The Score By Lesley Barber

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Opening in theaters Friday, June 7 is the new comedy from Amazon Studios, directed by Nisha Ganatra (Chutney Popcorn, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), written and produced by Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project, The Office), and stars Emma Thompson, Kaling, Hugh Dancy and John Lithgow. 

The film also features original score is by multi-instrumentalist, conductor and pianist, Lesley Barber (Manchester By the Sea, You Can Count On Me).  See the track list below.

Pre-order the Album: [Amazon/iTunes]

Amazon Studios presents LATE NIGHT, in select theaters Friday, June 7, EVERYWHERE June 14!

Late Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lesley Barber

01. Late Night “Molly’s Theme”
02. Molly Wants the Job
03. That’s Our Show Everybody
04. Katherine Arrives
05. Molly Home Alone
06. Leaving for the Comedy Club
07. Booking Mimi
08. Molly’s First Day
09. Katherine Decides to Fight
10. This Is How It Works
11. Trim It
12. The Katherine Newbury Show
13. Leaving Caroline’s
14. Something New
15. Night at the Office
16. Going Viral
17. Katherine Receives Bad News
18. Late Night With Katherine Newbury
19. Molly and Charlie
20. Walking With Tom
21. Katherine at Night
22. Katherine Fires Molly
23. Brad Tells Katherine the News
24. She’s Coming Back
25. Goodbyes
26. Katherine Thanks the Team
27. Tabloid Reporting
28. It Meant Everything
29. Katherine’s Apology
30. Finding Molly
31. Asking Molly Back
32. Are We Ready

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