Skeleton Beach Debuts ‘Ritual’ album On Lakeshore Records June 14

Skeleton Beach is the moniker of music artist Gene Priest, an electronic music producer from Knoxville, Tennessee, whose origins began as a simple homage and exploration into the sounds and textures of classic horror film scores, ’70s modular electronic music and long-form ambience.

Skeleton Beach’s debut album, “Ritual” will make its digital debut on Friday, June 14 via Lakeshore Records. More about “Ritual” below. Stay tuned for more album details!

Ritual is the product of a series of live late night ambient recording sessions, focusing track-by-track on different themes and aspects of witchcraft. From the opening drone of Blood Moon until the very last melodic notes of Ritual, its intent is to transport your mind to another place. By nature, a ritual is a very ceremonial thing. Everything has its place, and everything has a purpose. The same as the cadence of a spell, or the ingredients to a potion, every track ebbs and flows in a delicate balance, at times slowly slipping under consciousness in a warm and inviting manner that dances with moments of tension to keep from tipping too far into the light. The subtle beauty, even at its most lawless moments, pull listeners to the powers and true magic of ambient electronic experimental music. Blurring the lines between destruction and creation in an immersive and entrancing experience from start to finish.

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