James Lavelle’s Trust FX Score Vinyl Artwork Revealed! | The 405

Lakeshore Records released James Lavelle’s (UNKLE) series score for Trust on FX last fall, and now the soundtrack will be released on double vinyl!  Check out the full vinyl artwork reveal over at The 405 now The vinyl album will hit shelves and online stores on June 14. See the side splits below and pre-order the album now!

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen/Pre-order Vinyl]

Track Listing:
Side A:

1. “Trooper” (Featuring Eska) – Unkle
2. “Theme from Trust” (Shadow Beat) (Orchestral Version)
3. “Low”
4. “Knuckle” – Unkle

Side B:
5. “Old Paul”
7. “Seventy-Three”
8. “Young Paul”

Side C:
9. “The Rig”
10. “Space”
11. “Low Variation”
12: “Opening”
13. “End Of Innocence”

Side D:
14. “Chase Theme” (Eska Variation)
15. “Primo Burns” (Featuring Eska)
16. “Gail’s Theme”
17. “Midnight Cowboy”
18. “Trust No-One

TRUST is created by Simon Beaufoy (who directed the first three episodes) and executive produced by Danny Boyle, Beaufoy and Christian Colson – the Academy Award®-winning team behind Slumdog Millionaire, now streaming on FX+ and BBC Two on the iPlayer!  Trust series is also available now on Digital VOD (get it on iTunes or Amazon).

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