Vinyl Premiere! If Beale Street Could Talk: Nicholas Britell Score Album Artwork Revealed! | Slash Film

It’s a gorgeous, breathtaking score that’s almost a character in the film itself. – Chris Evangelista, Slash Film

Named the No. 1 film score on Slash Film‘s The Best Soundtracks of 2018 list, it makes perfect sense to have the same good folks premiere the vinyl album artwork of Nicholas Britell’s score to If Beale Street Could Talk. See the full reveal now at Slash Film!

Nicholas Britell’s transcendent score has over 23 award nominations and some wins in that list, not including being on the Academy Awards nominations shortlist for Best Score! Did you have any doubt that one of the most critically acclaimed and awarded film scores of 2018 would come to vinyl?

Pre-order The Vinyl Now: [US][Rest of World]

Deluxe Soundtrack Album, Score by Nicholas Britell
Two Editions: North America and Rest Of World


Track Listing:

SIDE 1 – 17min
01. Eden (Harlem)
02. The Children of Our Age
03. Mist of a Dream – Birdlegs & Pauline
04. Agape
05. Encomium
06. Eros

SIDE 2 – 20min
07. I Wish I Knew – John Coltrane Quartet
08. Mrs. Victoria Rogers
09. Call Him Fonny / The Tombs
10. Blue in Green (Beale Street Version) – Miles Davis
11. That’s All I Ask – Nina Simone

SIDE 3 – 19min
12. Jezebel
13. Eden (LES)
14. Keepers of the Keys and Seals
15. Hypertension
16. P.B.A.
17. Storge
18. Mama Gets to Puerto Rico
19. Ye Who Enter Here

SIDE 4 – 20min
20. Requiem
21. Philia
22. My Country ‘Tis of Thee – Billy Preston
23. If Beale Street Could Talk (End Credits)
24. Harlem Aria (Bonus Track)
25. This Is Where My Life Is (Bonus Track)
26. New Life (Bonus Track)
27. What Have They Done? (Bonus Track)
28. A Rose in Spanish Harlem (Bonus Track)

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