Strong Female Lead Movies: Colette, Lizzie and Peppermint Comes To Blu-ray and DVD!

This week, we’re pleased to feature three new Blu-ray and DVD releases featuring strong female leads coming from Lakeshore Records soundtrack partners: Colette (score by Thomas Ades), Lizzie (score by Jeff Russo), and Peppermint (score by Simon Franglen, featuring the song “Push Me” by Geno Lenardo featuring vocals by Ash Costello of the band New Years Day).  Keep reading to find out where to watch these films and score the soundtracks!

Score by Thomas Adès: [Download / Listen]

From its gorgeous costumes by Andrea Flesch and shimmering camerawork by Giles Nuttgens to a score of surpassing beauty by British composer Thomas Adès, Colette is a movie that dazzles the senses. – Rolling Stone

The sweeping score and gorgeous Parisian settings complement the film’s quick dialogue and verve. – Elle Magazine

One of England’s most distinguished concert composers tried his hand at film music for the first time this year, and the result was the charming and period-appropriate music for Keira Knightley in “Colette,” about the turn-of-the-century French novelist. – Variety

A New York Times Critic’s Pick film, Colette stars Keira Knightley as Nobel Prize-nominated French novelist, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, the movie has received numerous awards and nominations including four British International Film Association (BIFA) including Best Actress for Keira Knightley , Indie Spirit Award nomination for Best Screenplay, and won Best Original Score for Composer Thomas Adès at this year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA)! 

Bleecker Street presents COLETTE, available now on Blu-ray and DVD (get it here).



Score by Jeff Russo: [Download / Listen]

Lizzie Soundtrack - Jeff Russo | Lakeshore Records

The music in the movie, with its eerie build-ups and crescendos composed by Emmy-winning composer Jeff Russo, strikes a sharp cord as each scene between the characters is intensified by the powerful score. – Dig In Magazine

A chilling reimagining of the Lizzie Borden Murder – Sara Stewart, The New York Post

Takes a legend and blows it up from the inside – Ben Pearson, Slash Film

Directed by Craig William Macneil (“Channel Zero“), Lizzie stars Chloe Sevigny as Lizzie Borden and Kristen Stewart as Bridget Sullivan.  The film received the Grand Jury Prize Nomination at the Sundance Film Festival this year.  Featuring score by EMMY®-winning Composer Jeff Russo, known for his wildly popular scores for TV series such as “The Night Of”, “Fargo”, “Star Trek: Discovery”), followers of his scores will be treated to this feature film score release!

Roadside Attractions presents LIZZIE, available now on Blu-ray and DVD (get it here).



PEPPERMINT: [Download / Listen]
Score by Simon Franglen. 

Jennifer Garner delivers a standout performance that demands recognition – IGN

Jennifer Garner received critical praise for her performance in action drama, Peppermint, reminding us of her outstanding performances in Daredevil (starring Ben Affleck), the spinoff film Elektra, and the hit tv series, “Alias“.  Directed by Taken’s Pierre Morel, the film features score by Golden Globe® and GRAMMY®-nominated composer Simon Franglen, known for his song writing contributions to Titanic and Avatar, and the song, “Push Me” performed by Geno Lenardo with vocals by New Years Day’s Ash Costello.  Peppermint is the kind of movie that hits all the right notes you may look for in a kickass action film.

STX Entertainment and Lakeshore Entertainment present PEPPERMINT, available now on Blu-ray and DVD (get it here).



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