Impulse: Series Composer Deru And His Acoustic-Meets-Synth Cristal Baschet Score (Review) | Vehlinggo

Wynn did a couple things to blend the electronics and the synths with the Cristal Baschet: one involves tapping and another manipulation. – Vehlinggo

Clearly, we need more Cristal Baschet scores, because film music critics and fans alike are fascinated by the score to Impulse, the new YouTube Originals 10-episode series based on Steven Gould’s Jumper series of novels.  One of the premiere series from YouTube Originals (formerly YouTube Red), the score by Deru with its acoustic-meets synth compositions provides a unique sound for specific characters and their special “skills.”  You’ll have to watch the series because we’re trying really hard not to provide spoilers for those unfamiliar with the Jumper universe!  Read the full story now at Vehlinggo.

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