‘Killing Gunther’ Soundtrack: Dino Meneghin Score To Arnold Schwarzenegger Action Film Arrives December 1

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Killing Gunther, available digitally on Friday, December 1.  The album features original score by Composer Dino Meneghin (MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and “Eye Candy” ).  Directed by Taran Killam, the film stars Cobie Smulders, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Allison Tolman.  See the track list below.  
Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a deliciously unhinged performance in this self-aware action comedy. – Randall Coburn, Consequence of Sound
Saban Films presents KILLING GUNTHER, available now on Digital (rent it on iTunes) and coming December 26 on Blu-ray/DVD (pre-order here).


Killing Gunther (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Dino Meneghin

01. Gunther Theme Suite – Dino Meneghin
02. Jump the Gun – Taylor Killam
03. Sanaa’s Story – Dino Meneghin
04. Mission Failure – Dino Meneghin
05. Loose Cannons – Dino Meneghin
06. Finding Feizmark – Dino Meneghin
07. No Place To Go (Gabe’s Theme) – Dino Meneghin
08. Miami Meetup – Dino Meneghin & Greg Reveret
09. A little Bit Personal / Remembering Blake – Dino Meneghin
10. Blake’s Package – Dino Meneghin
11. Bodies Confirmed – Dino Meneghin
12. A Criminal Mind – Taran Killam
13. A Warm Welcome – Dino Meneghin
14. Doctor Visit – Dino Meneghin
15. Prepping the Assault – Dino Meneghin
16. Assault on Gunther – Dino Meneghin
17. Convo in the Kitchen – Dino Meneghin
18. Gunther Fight – Dino Meneghin
19. Ashley’s Passing – Dino Meneghin
20. Hit Baby – Dino Meneghin

Killing Gunther – In Taran Killam’s world of contract killers, Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the greatest and most arrogant hitman, has earned the ire of the killer community. Now a group of up-and coming but dysfunctional assassins try to advance their careers by offing the most infamous exterminator of all time.
These eccentric killers come together from across the globe to set the perfect trap. To have undeniable proof that they killed the notorious Gunther, this motley troop of killers hire a docu-crew at gun point. Their master plan quickly turns into a series of embarrassing fails. As Gunther is on to them before they know it and he makes it his personal mission to make their lives a living hell. It becomes a race against time: kill or be killed, as the hunters quickly become the prey.
Dino Meneghin is a Los Angeles-based composer. Originally coming to LA to work as a guitarist, he began his career working as a guitarist and musical director with artists as diverse as Destiny’s Child, Josh Groban, Liz Phair, and Michael Bublé
In the fall of 2010, Dino began working with Creator/ EP Jeff Davis and Director/ Co-EP Russell Mulcahy on their re-boot of Teen Wolf for MTV. In creating the sound for the show, Dino was able to combine his love of the orchestra with all of the sound manipulation and production techniques he brought from the world of record production. The show quickly became a hit and helped launch his career as a composer. He went on to score the electronic-heavy Eye Candy for Executive Producer Christian Taylor. His forays into film have included the contributions to the soundtrack to the Newtown film along with other composers like Jeff Beal, Tyler Bates, Fil Eisler, and Sean Callery. His most recent film score is for the Taran Killiam/ Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy, Killing Gunther.
Dino lives a peaceful life in Malibu, California with his wife and two pit bulls. All three of them say he has an unhealthy obsession with synthesizers
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