‘Nails’ Horror Film Opens For Exclusive One-Week Run At The Roxie in San Francisco, Score By Ade Fenton & Tim Slade

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Nails, starring  Shauna Macdonald (The Descent), Ross Noble (Stitches), Steve Wall (TV’s “Vikings”), and Richard Foster-King (It Never Sleeps).  The album features score by Ade Fenton (From Inside) & Tim Slade.  More soundtrack details coming soon!
Fantastic Films and the Executive Producer of Assault On Precinct 13 present Dennis Bartok’s Nails, screening exclusively for one-week only at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco from November 10 – 16.  Get tickets at the Roxie.  
NAILS is releasing November 17 in select theaters across the U.S and on VOD!



Paralyzed after a terrible accident, Dana struggles to regain her life and family when she encounters a malevolent ghost in her hospital room.
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