Gary Lionelli’s Score To Academy Award® Nominated ‘OJ: Made In America’ Doc Is Out On February 17

Anyone who has watched the film, either in a movie theater or at home on TV, can hear the depth and weight of the score. – ScreenPrism


Lakeshore Records will release the score to Academy Award®-Nominated documentary, “O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA”, digitally on February 17.  The album features score by three-time Emmy® Winner Gary Lionelli (Last Days in Vietnam, HBO’s “LUCK”).    See more album details below.

ESPN Films presents “O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA”, now streaming on WatchESPN and Hulu, and in select theaters February 18 (find a theater and more airtimes).

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O.J.: Made in America (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Gary Lionelli

01. Made in America
02. Family
03. Verdict
04. Infamous
05. Land of Milk and Honey
06. Epic Fall
07. Control
08. Buffalo Baryshnikov
09. Rockingham
10. Two Worlds
11. Vegas
12. Stone-Faced
13. He Got a Motorcade
14. Viewing
15. Talking Him Down
16. When They First Met
17. Gun Under His Chin
18. Surrender in the Night
19. Nothing Tops This
20. Trial
21. Infidelity
22. Black Protests
23. Room 1203
24. Finish It One Way or Another
25. Spying
26. Burn Baby Burn
27. Watts Riots
28. Beyond Football
29. Merely a Tool
30. The Closer
31. Last Place
32. Waiting for Surrender
33. Excessive Force
34. Operation Hammer
35. Never Saw a Gun
36. Detective Fuhrman
37. The N Word
38. Subtext
39. White Justice
40. Please Remember Me As a Good Guy

It is the defining cultural tale of modern America – a saga of race, celebrity, media, violence, and the criminal justice system. And two decades after its unforgettable climax, it continues to fascinate, polarize, and even, yes, develop new chapters.

“O.J.: Made in America” revisits – and redefines – it all. The domestic abuse. The police investigation. The white Bronco chase. The trial of the century. The motive, the blood, the glove. The verdict. The aftermath. Drawing upon more than seventy interviews- from longtime friends and colleagues of Simpson to the recognizable protagonists of the murder investigation to observers and commentators with distinct connections to the story – the documentary is an engrossing, compelling, and unforgettable look at a tantalizing saga. Because at the end of what seems like a search for the real truth about O.J. Simpson, what’s revealed just as powerfully is a collection of indelible, unshakeable, and haunting truths about America, and about ourselves.


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