What’s New On Lakeshore: Narcos Season 2 Soundtrack, Don’t Think Twice, Berlin Station & More

Berlin Station, Narcos Season 2, Don't Think Twice Soundtracks

Catch up on the latest releases from Lakeshore Records!  Reinhold Heil’s latest score to new EPIX series, Berlin Station; Pedro Bromfman’s score to Narcos Season 2; and Roger Neill’s score to Don’t Think Twice (an Apple Music exclusive), are among the latest releases from Lakeshore Records.  Plus, we searched through the streaming platforms and found you some gems to check out.  See the full list below!

Out Now on Digital:

Berlin Station (Music From The Original Series): get it here


Don’t Think Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): get it here


Narcos, Season 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack): get it here


Out Now on CD:

Bates Motel (Original Television Series Soundtrack): get it here


Out Now on VOD:

A Light Beneath Their Feet (score by John Swihart) – Stream it on Netflix | Get soundtrack

100% Review Rating: A Light Beneath Their Feet is a triumph of empathetic filmmaking. – Matt Fagerholm, RogerEbert.com

The lightweight drama is pure and character development is focused, which results in a subtle score with just the right amount of emotional push. – Film.Music.Media


Berlin Station (score by Reinhold Heil) – Watch it on EPIX | Get soundtrack

“Tense, terse thriller” – Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times
“Berlin Station Puts Stellar Cast To Fine Use” – Variety


Don’t Think Twice (score by Roger Neill) – Download HD on iTunes | Get soundtrack

*New York Times Critics Pick* 

Roger Neill’s score blends beautifully with the four songs on the album and creates a very touching, warm atmosphere. – SoundtracksAndTrailerMusic.com

“Birbiglia’s character writing is spot-on about the way that being around funny people can be both exhausting and exhilarating.” – The A.V. Club


Dough (score by Lorne Balfe) –  Stream it on Netflix | Get soundtrack 

REVIEW: ★★★★ Playful guitar driven score. – Soundtrack Dreams

Pryce and Holder are perfectly suited to the roles and form an authentic chemistry that excels above workplace formalities. – The Film Stage


Narcos Season 2 (score by Pedro Bromfman) – Stream it on Netflix | Get soundtrack 

“The never-better score by Pedro Bromfman…” – Decider

“Mr. Moura is inscrutably brilliant at the center of it all.” – The New York Times

“The buddy cop energy between Peña and Murphy was one of Season 2’s most enjoyable side dishes–enough to make one hope for more.” – Indiewire


The Uninvited (score by Christopher Young) – Stream it on Netflix | Get soundtrack

Score Review: ★★★½ – AllMusic.com

“Gratifying” – ReelViews

“A stylish horror thriller in the vein of ‘The Ring,’ It’s well-acted, frightening and handsomely produced” – USA Today


The Trust (score by Reza Safinia) – Stream it on Netflix | Get soundtrack

★★★★ Reza Safinia throws different sound design elements and sharp turns in his cues that make this score captivating to hear. – Soundtrack Dreams

“Nicolas Cage is fun to watch as he lets the bottled-up rage of a nondescript existence slowly bubble to the surface.” – The New York Times


Out Now on Spotify:


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