Grab Stranger Things Vol 1 Vinyl! Hot Topic & Urban Outfitters Exclusive Variants

04stv1_hottopicredwhiteswirlStranger Things Vol 1 – ‘Hot Topic’ Exclusive [BUY NOW]

06stv1_uocokebclear2Stranger Things Vol 1 – ‘Urban Outfitters’ Exclusive [BUY NOW]

As the score for Stranger Things Vol 1 hits the Number 1 spot on the Billboard Vinyl Chartwe want to say a big thank you to everyone out there who has helped make the release such a success.

Seeing your tweets and posts across social media has been utterly AMAZING and we are extremely grateful for your support.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab a copy of the album yet, might we suggest, either the stunning ‘Hot Topic’ Red/White Swirl or the elegant ‘Urban Outfitters’ Coke Bottle Green.

Be sure to tag us in your pictures and let us see which version you’re spinning.
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Stranger Things Vol 1
Kyle Dixon And Michael Stein

01 Stranger Things
02 Kids
03 Nancy and Barb
04 This Isn’t You
05 Lay-Z-Boy
06 Friendship
07 Eleven
08 A Kiss
09 Castle Beyers
10 Hawkins
11 The Upside Down
12 After Sarah
13 One Blink For Yes
14 Photos in the Woods
15 Fresh Blood
16 Lamps
17 Hallucinations
18 Hanging Lights
19 Biking to School
20 Are You Sure?
21 Agents
22 Papa
23 Cops Are Good at Finding
24 No Weapons
25 Walking Through the Nether
26 She’ll Kill You
27 Run Away
28 No Autopsy
29 Dispatch
30 Joyce and Lonnie Fighting
31 Lights Out
32 Hazmat Suits
33 Theoretically
34 You Can Talk to Me
35 What Else Is There to Do?
36 Hawkins Lab

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