Stranger Things Vol2 Vinyl Details, Variants and Retailers !! UPDATED PRE-ORDER LINKS 10/14 !!

stv2_gatefold_allaccountsLakeshore Records is excited to announce the following retail account variants of the Stranger Things Vol 2 vinyl release for consumers in the USA and North America  (retail account dependent).

All prices are Suggested Retail List Price (SRLP). We do not control retailer pricing.

We’ve been working very hard with our distributor and retail accounts to offer a wide variety of affordable color options and purchasing opportunities so that everyone who wants a copy of the album on vinyl will have the opportunity to purchase one.

The release date for all variants and versions at all accounts is Friday November 18th.

Please note all pictures are mock-ups for display purposes only and actual product may differ in appearance. All variants are a double disc gatefold package with a printed insert featuring album credits and additional art.

Please contact the retailers below directly for additional pre-order link information. spacerv2_aa_blackvhs_allaccnts“VHS” Black  | All Accounts ($24.98 SRLP)
PRE-ORDER LINK HERE ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 14TH spacerv2_aa_bluetransswirl_allaccntsfx“The Upside Down”  Clear – BlackSaltNPeppa | All Accounts ($29.98 SRLP)
  !! PRE-ORDER LINK UPDATED !! [ SoundStage Direct] spacer

v2_lita_yellowswirl“Waffle Swirl” Yellow w/ Black Swirl | Light In The Attic  USA ($29.98 SRLP)
!! PRE-ORDER LINK UPDATED !!  [ Light In The Attic spacer]

v2_bam_transgreenblackswirk“Hawkins Forrest” Clear Green / Black Swirl | Books A Million ($29.98 SRLP)
!! PRE-ORDER LINK UPDATED !!  [ Books A Million ] spacer

v2_fb_seafoamgreen“Sensory Deprivation Tank” Sea Foam Green| Fat Beats ($29.98 SRLP)
!! PRE-ORDER LINK UPDATED !! [ Fat Beats ] spacerstv2_frontback_allaccntsspacerFOR STRANGER THINGS VOL 1 VINYL DETAILS CLICK -> [HERE] <-

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