‘Richard Linklater: Dream Is Destiny’ – Q&A With Composer Graham Reynolds!


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Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on Lakeshore Records!  The album features score by composer Graham Reynolds (Before Midnight, Bernie, A Scanner Darkly).  Check out our Q&A with Graham, who provides a behind-the-scenes “peek” at his scoring collaboration with director Louis Black.

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Did director Louis Black give you any interesting instructions or feedback to
help you create the tonal palate?

We talked a lot about the role of music in the film. Linklater films are often very spare in their use of music and while this film wanted more music than that, we also tried to keep that in mind through the whole process.

Did you revisit any of your scores for Linklater’s films and/or were you influenced by your work on them?

Rather than revisit specific scores, I thought about how I might score this if it was a Linklater film.  I didn’t want to make a score that he wouldn’t like.  Of course it isn’t a Linklater film so I combine that with what I thought Karen and Louis wanted to help complete their vision.  I did make one waltz for the score that I imagine as an alternative theme for Before Midnight.

Which part did you score first and why?

Rather than start with a specific scene I started with themes, ideas, and the basic palette. Then using those tools I started coloring in the lines.

Did you use any interesting or unusual instrumentation?

I had fun developing the piano sound. It’s small upright with a bit of a rough sound and tremolo added. I wanted it to have a personal character to it.

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