Exclusive Song Lyrics And Lyric Video For ‘Let’s Play’ Performed By Rob Simonsen & White Sea From ‘Nerve’ Soundtrack


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Sing along to Rob Simonsen and White Sea’s song, “Let’s Play,” a bonus track off the new Nerve (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)!  Sing along to the song lyrics — lyric video included!

Lionsgate presents NERVE, now playing!

Let’s Play
Rob Simonsen & White Sea

we go head first just see how it will feel
if we close our eyes it almost isn’t real
they light us up
so they can go and tear us down
they want our tears
but they offer up a crown

oh you’ve got a lot of nerve
thinking you can win
I can tell you’re not the type to lose
You’ll get what you deserve
the real deal touch
can never get enough
So let’s play

There’s no time to waste though the day feels long
If you think the world will wait for you you’re wrong
Visions of a neon sky
a prize for us
Just a myth
fool ourselves
just give it up

In the heat of the night I feel their lights
they’re calling
I’m like a moth to the flame
but in the heat of the night you echo like a warning
We won’t be the same

But I just can’t give it up
my back is to the wall
I know I’m falling

I just wanna live it up
Higher is the high
we go till morning


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