Pre-order Nima Fakhrara’s Score For ‘The Girl In The Photographs’ Film, Wes Craven Executive Produced Movie Now Playing


Pre-order ‘The Girl In The Photographs’ Soundtrack: [iTunes]

Working with veteran horror cinematographer Dean Cundey  (Halloween), the director takes his time to give each victim their due, using a ripe color palette to make the murders look both fresh and eerie, with Nima Fakhrara’s score accompanying the action in suspenseful ways. – The Hollywood Reporter


Lakeshore Records will release The Girl In The Photographs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) digitally on April 29.  The album features score by Nima Fakhrara (The Signal, Exists).  The soundtrack CD is coming soon.  See below for track listings and more.

Directed by Nick Simon, this is the final film executive produced by horror legend Wes Craven.

Vertical Entertainment presents THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS currently in theaters (find a theater).

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The Girl In The Photographs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Nima Fakhrara

01. The Pictures
02. First Kill
03. Smile For Me
04. Colleen
05. Supermarket
06. Number 7
07. Passacaglia
08. The Cave
09. I’ll Cut Your Face
10. The Drive Up
11. The Face
12. Sirens
13. Light Bulb
14. Lake House
15. I F___ing Love You
16. Say Hello
17. The Bodies
18. The Bodies 2
19. The Hot Tub
20. F___ Me Like Walrus
21. The Camera
22. The Desk
23. The Truck
24. End Credit

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