William H. Macy’s Acclaimed ‘Rudderless’ Movie Debuts On Starz, Own The Soundtrack!


The most pleasantly surprising element of Rudderless is its soundtrack. The songs, most of which are actually performed by the Rudderless band (Crudup, Yelchin, Ben Kweller, and Ryand Dean, and primarily written by Simon Steadman and Charlton Pettus) are melodious and endearing, both humorous and moving. Crudup and Yelchin prove talented musicians. – Under The Radar


Director William H. Macy’s directorial debut in Rudderless, is now available On Demand via Starz — watch it tonight on Starz Edge at 10:10 p.m. ET!  Starring Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman, Selena Gomez and Laurence Fishburne, and rocker Ben Kweller (who made his acting debut), film critic Daniel Schweiger says, “Not since Prince’s end set of Purple Rain has a movie singer ripped his guts out to such powerful effect, if done here to understandably more lyrically strumming resonance for one of this year’s most powerfully moving film scenes.”

The critically-acclaimed Rudderless Soundtrack also features performances by the Rudderless Band (Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Ben Kweller, Ryan Dean).

Paramount Home Media presents RUDDERLESS, available now on Starz (check availability), On Demand (rent it on iTunes) and on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here).


Download The Album!

Rudderless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes | Buy CD


[Crudup] is every inch the movie star in Rudderless, a rather strange but engrossing film with one of the more jarring twists of any film in recent memory. – Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times


Rudderless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

  1. Home – Billy Crudup
  2. Over Your Shoulder – Rudderless
  3. Hold On – Ben Kweller and Selena Gomez
  4. Sam Spirals – Eef Barzelay
  5. Beautiful Mess – Rudderless
  6. Stay With You – Rudderless
  7. The Two-Year Hangover – Eef Barzelay
  8. Real Friends – Rudderless
  9. Asshole – Ben Limpic
  10. Some Things Can’t Be Thrown Away – Eef Barzelay
  11. Wheels On The Bus – Rudderless
  12. A Day On The Water – Eef Barzelay
  13. The Gig Is Off – Eef Barzelay
  14. Sing Along – Billy Crudup

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