EXCLUSIVE PODCAST: Theodore Shapiro On His Score For Academy Award Nominated ‘Trumbo’ Film

Lakeshore Records sat down with Theodore Shapiro, composer of Trumbo, the Academy Award®- and Golden-Globe®-nominated film about Dalton Trumbo, the celebrated Hollywood screenwriter whose principled refusal to name names to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) earned him 13 years in purgatory as a blacklisted writer.

Theodore talks about his collaboration with Trumbo director Jay Roach and how important it was to preserve the legacy and spirit of Dalton Trumbo through various aspects of scoring the film.  “Orchestra for Trumbo was 41 players: it was 31 strings plus brass, piano and harp…  It was really critically important that we do this through the union and support our local musicians who are so incredible.”  Hear the interview on Soundcloud below.

Bleecker Street presents TRUMBO, now playing in theaters (find a theater).



**Academy Award Nomination: Best Actor, Bryan Cranston**
**2 Golden Globe Nominations: Best Actor, Bryan Cranston; Best Supporting Actress, Helen Mirren**
**3 Screen Actor’s Guild Nominations: Best Cast**
**3 Critics’ Choice Nominations: Best Acting Ensemble**
**BAFTA Award Nomination: Best Actor, Bryan Cranston**
**Writer’s Guild Award Nomination: Best Adapted Screen Play, John McNamara**



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