‘Ashby’ Various Artists Soundtrack Available 9/25, Film Stars Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts And Sarah Silverman

Lakeshore Records will release Ashby (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on September 25.  The album features songs performed by The Daylights, Gary Trexler, Nathan Fox and Too Far Moon.  Also featured on the album is “Where I’m Goin’” by the film’s Nat Wolff and his brother Alex Wolff.  The Ashby soundtrack is available now on pre-order.

Ashby arrives in select theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on September 25 (find a theater).

Ashby (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) available on iTunes: http://bit.ly/AshbyOST

Pre-order The Album!

Ashby (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Awkward Ed Wallis (Nat Wolff) moves to a new town with his single mom (Sarah Silverman) and needs help fitting in.  Brainier than his peers, Ed figures playing high school football might be good way to make more friends, but his only new friend Eloise (Emma Roberts) thinks it’s odd.  When Ed gets an assignment to write an essay about someone from an older generation, he introduces himself to his neighbor Ashby Holt (Mickey Rourke) and the two embark on an unlikely, immediate friendship.  Ashby’s style of tough love takes some getting used to but, over time, Ed learns a lot from Ashby, including how to be courageous… which is very much needed when he learns his new best friend is a former CIA assassin.

Ashby (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. Happy Just to Be Alive – Christopher Blue
02. Oh Oh – The Daylights
03. Cloud Full of Tears – Gary Trexler
04. Surrender – Pilgrim
05. I Can’t Hang – Nathan Fox
06. This Fire – The Bones of J. R Jones feat. Melaena Cadiz
07. Why Don’t We Do Something – Hey Geronimo
08. Thinking of You – Fat City
09. The Dark – The Bones of J. R. Jones feat. Melaena Cadiz
10. Be Ok – Too Far Moon
11. Start to Begin – The Brevet
12. Where I’m Goin’ – Nat & Alex Wolff

Ashby arrives in select theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on September 25 (find a theater).

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