Five Questions With ‘Wednesday’ Vocalist, Aly Jados

Lakeshore Records will release two soundtrack albums for John Bergin’s new comic book, Wednesday, available digitally on September 18.  Both albums feature music by Daniel Davies (Year Long Disaster) and Geno Lenardo (Filter, Device) with contributions from various bands and guest performers.

Film Music Daily sat down for Five Questions with vocalist Aly Jados who performs two songs for Wednesday.  Hear the exclusive song teaser for “Feels So Good,” one of Aly’s tracks on Wednesday (Original Comic Book Soundtrack), at the jump.


1) You have an interesting past. You’ve been performing since you were 13?   In punk and metal bands? What was your trajectory, how did you get to where you are now with your music?

I’ve been playing guitar ever since my dad gave me his ’78 Les Paul on my 13th birthday. My first band was out of my parents basement, we were a two piece and loud as hell. I’ve been playing in bands ever since, I was on American Idol in 2010 and the Voice in 2012. Since then I have released two EPs, both available on iTunes. Currently I am writing, recording and gigging around Chicago.

2) What did you think about the process of writing and performing in order to illustrate a specific story – a comic book? Was it similar to how you normally write? Were there unique challenges?

My writing process is different almost every time. It really depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I make myself sit and write for routine, sometimes ideas get in my head and I grab my guitar or I’m just jamming and ideas are free flowing. For this project I really tried to channel Wednesday’s character. I can relate to her I think that really helped form the lyrics and style of the songs.

3) You wrote lyrics and performed vocals for two songs on the Wednesday soundtrack album; “Feels So Good” and “One Day.” What was the inspiration for each song?

Feels So Good is about teen angst and freedom. I wanted it to be aggressive, but still true to Wednesday’s innocent curiosity. I approached the vocals as if I were Wednesday yelling in the wasteland and driving away from home for the first time. One Day is more of an intimate track. I wanted to really get in her head, into  her dreams, and spill her thoughts.

4) In the story, Wednesday has no friends, so she builds three robotic sock monkeys to be her pals. If you had to literally make your own best friend, what/who would you build?

I would build an invisible transformer, that way I could have a robot as a friend, a car and would be able to hide him if necessary.

5) Finally, what are you working on now?

I just released an EP called Was Here. We shot a music video for the EP’s first single Hold On . It’s now available on iTunes and streaming on Spotify and Pandora. The live show is me on guitar and vocals and a DJ playing beats and tracks while video is synced to the songs throughout the set. I also have a vicious rock ‘n’ roll band called Blood People; we are currently recording and hoping for a September release. Lots of exciting things coming up this year!

Wednesday (Original Comic Book Score) and Wednesday (Original Comic Book Soundtrack) are available digitally on September 18.

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