Joe Dante’s ‘Burying The Ex’ In Theaters Now, Own The Soundtrack Ft. ‘The Evil Dead’ Composer Joseph LoDuca!

Containing trademark Dante humour with his love for the genre, ‘Burying the Ex’ is a blast to watch and is in no doubt a must-see for anyone who wants to see ‘Shaun of the Dead’ meets ‘Death Becomes Her’ via ‘Necromantik’ and still has time to show itself as a standout in the genre. It’s dark, it’s dangerous, it’s Dante at his best! –BloodGuts


Burying The Ex is the new film directed by visionary Director Joe Dante and stars Anton Yelchin (Rudderless, Only Lovers Left Alive), Ashley Greene (Twilight), Alexandra Daddario (Texas Chainsaw 3D) and Oliver Cooper (Runner Runner).  Burying The Ex is now playing in theaters (check show times).  Lakeshore Records‘ release of Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Score) features score by composer Joseph LoDuca, who is a veteran in scoring for some of the most iconic Hollywood horror films.  The album features the bonus track, “Poison Love” by Electroillusion, which was featured on the movie trailer.  In addition, Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) EP is out now, featuring songs curated by Ryan Gaines, music supervisor on the film.  See below for movie reviews and soundtrack details!

Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Burying the Ex finds Dante at his most playful, but with his precision and intelligence fully intact. –Filmmaker Magazine



For a composer in an long-term musical affair with one of modern horror’s most legendary directors, it’s almost insane to think that Joseph LoDuca has never hooked up with Joe Dante, a wackily colorful filmmaker who’s penchant for movie in-jokes and go-for-broke energy has certainly put him into the same movie geek-as-filmmaker league as Sam Raimi. But while it’s certainly taken a while for this meeting of the minds to happen, “Burying the Ex” delivers the cartoonish goods as Dante encourages LoDuca’s manic talents to go for broke in the service of putting an unwanted, undead girlfriend from hell firmly in the grave. -Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine


Download The Albums!

Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Score): iTunes | pre-order CD
Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Boasting incredibly clever writing and a striking visual style that celebrates its cinematic roots, “Burying the Ex” is one hell of an entertaining zom-com. The new flick from “Gremlins” director Joe Dante features a colorful ambiance that truly resembles the genre’s greatest achievements from the ‘80s, against which its gleefully gory story is made that much more amusingly idiosyncratic. –The Entertainer! Magazine


Directed by Joe Dante, Burying The Ex stars Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario, and Oliver Cooper — in select theaters June 19.

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