Man Up: Wendy Wang Score Available 6/9, YouTube Stars KevJumba And Justin Chon Buddy Comedy Out Now On Vimeo

I saw Man Up a few months ago at CAAMFest, and Justin Chon’s directorial debut is so idiotically funny, in the spirit of movies like Dumb and Dumber, I found myself letting my guard down and thoroughly enjoying the heck out of it. The cast also includes Galadriel Stineman, Samantha Futerman, Amy Hill and Michael Wu (Kev’s dad). And bonus: an awesome score by Wendy Wang of The Sweet Hurt. –Angry Asian Man


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Man Up digitally on June 9.  Man Up is the first film release of the new digital division of Lakeshore Entertainment, Off The Dock.  Starring Kevin “KevJumba” Wu, Justin Chon and Galadriel Stineman, watch Man Up now playing On Demand via Vimeo.  See below for more soundtrack information including track listings.

Man Up starring Kev Jumba and Justin Chon from Off The Dock!

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Man-Up (Original Motion Picture Score)
Various Artists

  1. Cross Country Walk – Wendy Wang
  2. What’s That Thing? – Wendy Wang and Allison Louie
  3. College Party Entrance – Wendy Wang
  4. I Can See The Change – Wendy Wang and Allison Louie
  5. Angry Mom – Wendy Wang
  6. Martin Kickout – Wendy Wang
  7. Martin Freakout – Wendy Wang
  8. Metal Bike – Wendy Wang
  9. Short Chase – Wendy Wang
  10. New Challenger – Evan Slamka and Wendy Wang
  11. Waiting Room – Wendy Wang
  12. Summer Knees – Shaun Rust and Wendy Wang
  13. Best Friend Talk – Wendy Wang
  14. Drunk Randall – Wendy Wang
  15. The Challenge – Evan Slamka and Wendy Wang
  16. Madison Letter – Wendy Wang
  17. Ride To Hospital- Wendy Wang
  18. Dos Amigos Party – Wendy Wang
  19. Scary Intro – Wendy Wang
  20. DBR Song 2 – Wendy Wang
  21. The Challenge Video Game – Wendy Wang

Man Up – Trailer from MAN UP Film on Vimeo.

Man Up (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) from Lakeshore Records

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