Burying The Ex: Score By Joseph LoDuca + Various Artists Releases 6/16, See The Film On 6/19!

A Special Six-Track EP Featuring Chantal Claret, Zachary Kibbee, Far Too Loud, TaDa, and The Kobanes Will Also Be Released


Lakeshore Records will release Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Score) — available digitally on June 16, with CD to follow on August 14.  The album features score by acclaimed composer Joseph LoDuca (Spartacus: War Of The DamnedArmy of Darkness, Evil Dead I & II)!  Burying The Ex is the new film directed by visionary Director Joe Dante and stars Anton Yelchin (Rudderless), Ashley Greene (Twilight), Alexandra Daddario (Texas Chainsaw 3D) and Oliver Cooper (Runner Runner).  See our previous post for more Burying The Ex movie details.  Burying The Ex opens Friday, June 19 via Image Entertainment.  See track listings and more below.

Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Burying The Ex (Original Motion Picture Score)
Various Artists

  1. Main Title – Joseph LoDuca
  2. Go To Hell Max  / They’re Coming – Joseph LoDuca
  3. Make Me Laugh – Joseph LoDuca
  4. Ev Is Back – Joseph LoDuca
  5. The Bitch Is Back / Best Boyfriend Ever – Joseph LoDuca
  6. Got To Be the Morning After / Dump Her Ass – Joseph LoDuca
  7. Half Bros. – Joseph LoDuca
  8. Psycho Green / Travis Freaks – Joseph LoDuca
  9. Left Alone – Joseph LoDuca
  10. We Should Stop – Joseph LoDuca
  11. Breakfast Sex – Joseph LoDuca
  12. Olivia’s Back – Joseph LoDuca
  13. Devil Break Care – Joseph LoDuca
  14. Beheading Yoga – Joseph LoDuca
  15. Who Dares Call / Kiss Kiss – Joseph LoDuca
  16. Waiting on Max – Joseph LoDuca
  17. Craving for Brains / Trick Or Treat – Joseph LoDuca
  18. Worried Sick / You Ate My Family – Joseph LoDuca
  19. Done With Games / Ev Attacks Olivia – Joseph LoDuca
  20. Max to The Rescue / The Real Breakup – Joseph LoDuca
  21. Travis Kills Ev – Joseph LoDuca
  22. Bury Your Ex – Joseph LoDuca
  23. Late On Rent – Joseph LoDuca
  24. Main Title (Alternate Version) – Joseph LoDuca
  25. Poison Love – Electroillusion


Everyone has heard of Gremlins, so being able to work with a director who created something like that was exciting to me. -Ashley Greene (via FlavourMag)

Directed by Joe Dante, Burying The Ex opens in theaters on Friday, June 19.

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