Debug: Timothy Williams’ ‘Angrily Energized’ Score Is Featured By Critic Daniel Schweiger (Film Music Magazine)

Timothy Williams Turns His Orchestral Score On Its Head For Director David Hewlett’s ‘Debug’ Movie


For as sparkling clean as Debug’s impressive sets are, Williams gives a nasty, rock and roll grunginess to the score that conveys a punk team spirit facing off against a fiendish circuitry man, also conveying a spirit of sacrifice in his more emotional moments of camaraderie that use unexpectedly poetic piano, voice and melancholy strings to contrast with the more angrily energized music at hand. -Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine


Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) featuring score by Timothy Williams is available now via Lakeshore Records.  “I knew that the score was going to be primarily electronic, but I loved the idea of using an orchestra for its organic quality, and then mutilating the pristine recordings, through reversing, pitch shifting, filtering, unusual delays and falling reverbs.”  Watch the album preview below, which include stills from Debug, directed by David Hewlett, available now on DVD (UK).

Timothy Williams - Debug (Original Motion Picture Soundrack) -

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