Animals: Score By Ian Hultquist Available Now On Pre-order, Tense Drama Starring David Dastmalchian And Kim Shaw Opens 5/15

Chicago And The Intense Emotions Of Drug-Addicted Lovers Jude And Bobbie Are The Subjects Of The Score In ‘Animals’


Lakeshore Records will release Animals (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) — available digitally on May 12.  The album features original score by Ian Hultquist (formerly of Passion Pit) and songs by bands including Pyyramids, The Pentagons, and The Life and Times.  Also featured on the album is the original track, “Hard To Say” by Barky and Speaker.  Pre-order the album today to receive the soundtrack once it’s released!  See below for more soundtrack details.  Animals opens May 15 in select theaters and on VOD via Oscilloscope Laboratories.


Pre-order The Album!

Animals (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Track List

  1. Lions – Ian Hultquist
  2. The Zoo – Ian Hultquist
  3. Make Believe – Ian Hultquist
  4. Window Watching – Ian Hultquist
  5. Hair Dye – Ian Hultquist
  6. Just Get Through This – Ian Hultquist
  7. Withdrawal – Ian Hultquist
  8. The Pool – Ian Hultquist
  9. The Ballad of Bobbie & Jude – Ian Hultquist
  10. Bliss – Ian Hultquist
  11. Your Good Lovin’ – The Pentagons
  12. Forget – Moon Magick
  13. Bejeweled – Wedding Dress
  14. Cowboy Song – Luke Redfield
  15. Joy Boy – Gay Panic
  16. Everything Leads Back To You – Pyyramids
  17. Spinning in the Beauty of it All – Charles
  18. Day One – The Life and Times
  19. Hard To Say – Barky & Speaker


Directed by Collin Schiffli, Animals opens in select theaters and On Demand on May 15 (find a theater).


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