Happy 10th Anniversary, Napoleon Dynamite! Lakeshore Records Celebrates The Soundtrack This Week

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Napoleon Dynamite (rent it on iTunes), the indie film which became a huge hit after its theatrical debut on June 11, 2004.  Released by Lakeshore Records, this Grammy-nominated soundtrack is getting a dedicated Napoleon Dynamite Week, kicking off on Vine.  Our host, popular music Viner MarksBasementRecords, has posted a Vine to encourage everyone to make six-second Vine videos using the music from the soundtrack. Click through to watch the video online:

Lakeshore Records: It's Napoleon Dynamite Week! Happy 10th Anniversary

Go ahead and have fun!  Tag Lakeshore Records on your Vines and we’ll Revine our favorites!  Stay tuned for more on Wednesday, when MarksBasementRecords announces our Napoleon Dynamite Vine challenge!

Download The Album!

Napoleon Dynamite: iTunes | Buy CD

Lakeshore Records: Napoleon Dynamite SoundtrackVarious Artists

1. What Ever I Feel Like – Dialog

2. I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow

3. Bus Rider – John Swihart

4. Locker Room 1 – Dialog

5. Every Moment – Rogue Wave

6. Pull In Town – Dialog

7. Nap Pulls Kip Return – John Swihart

8. Nap Pulls Kip – John Swihart

9. You Do Speak English? – Dialog

10. New Mate – Figurine

11. Granny ATV – John Swihart

12. Cagefighter – Dialog

13. A-Team Theme – John Swihart

14. Here’s Rico – John Swihart

15. Summer’s Cake – John Swihart

16. Vote For Me – Dialog

17. Design Fiction – Company

18. Locker Room 2 – Dialog

19. Sometimes You Gotta Make It Alone – Money Mark

20. Worst Video – Dialog

21. Thrifty – John Swihart

22. Suit – Dialog

23. Suitwalk – John Swihart

24. Talons – Dialog

25. Kip Waits – John Swihart

26. Chapstick – Dialog

27. Solamente Una Vez – Trio Los Panchos

28. Loch Ness – Dialog

29. Nap Store Video – John Swihart

30. Ask It By Pedro – Dialog

31. Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

32. D-Qwan Boogie – John Swihart

33. Nap Dance Bedroom – John Swihart

34. Whole Milk – Dialog

35. Only You – Yaz

36. Nap Rico Van – John Swihart

37. Nap Hangs Up The Phone – John Swihart

38. Forever Young – Alphaville

39. Time After Time – Sparklemotion

40. Ninja Moves – Dialog

41. Alternate Ending Montage – John Swihart

42. The Promise – When In Rome

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