Fruitvale Station – On DVD & Blu-Ray Now

Fruitvale Station is out on DVD & BluRay!

At the age of 27, Mr. Coogler seems to have it all, and have it firmly in place a clearsighted take on his subject (no airbrushing of flaws or foibles here, just confident brush strokes by a mature artist); a spare, spontaneous style that can go beyond naturalism into a state of poetic grace, and a gift for getting, or allowing, superb actors to give flawless performances. – Wall Street Journal

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Runner Runner (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Fruitvale Station Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Track Listing:
01. Mob Shit – The Jacka, Cellski & Peezy
02. Rubber Band – Mar Keyes, William Peoples & Noah Coogler
03. Won’t Be Right – The Jacka & Cellski
04. Hey Little Mama – Mistah F.A.B, Johnny Ca$h & The Jacka
05. Intelligent – Mar Keyes, William Peoples & Phillip Henderson
06. Tatiana – Ludwig Goransson
07. Emy – Ludwig Goransson
08. The Dog – Ludwig Goransson
09. Prison – Ludwig Goransson
10. Picking Up T – Ludwig Goransson
11. Undefeated – Ludwig Goransson
12. Love and Opera – Ludwig Goransson
13. Dinner Time – Ludwig Goransson
14. Tatiana and Firecrackers – Ludwig Goransson
15. Gumbo – Ludwig Goransson
16. Bart Station – Ludwig Goransson
17. Who’s That For? – Ludwig Goransson
18. End Titles – Ludwig Goransson
19. Fruitvale Suite – Ludwig Goransson

Preview all of the tracks here:

Album Available At: iTunes / Amazon

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