Midnight Meat Train Soundtrack

Midnight Meat Train brings an unabashed brutality to the horror genre. – What Would Toto watch

The Midnight Meat Train (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Download the album at: http://bit.ly/1dg4lYl

Track Listing

1. Strange, Strange Dark Star (Justin Lassen Remix) – Iconcrash
2. Whenever We Come Back (Justin Lassen Remix) – Breaking The Jar
3. Blue Hands (Justin Lassen Remix) – Manakin Moon
4. Today’s Remains (Justin Lassen Remix) – Three Dot Revelation
5. S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (Justin Lassen Remix) – Apocalyptica
6. Dismemberment Express (Justin Lassen Remix) – Slvtn
7. Recluse (Justin Lassen Remix) – alu
8. Leon’s Obsession (Justin Lassen Remix) – Robert Williamson & Johannes Kobilke
9. Great Big Sleep (Justin Lassen Remix) – The Second Coming
10. Briton Load (Justin Lassen Remix) – Illusion Of Order
11. Nacatl (Justin Lassen Remix) – Jason Hayes
12. Scabs (Justin Lassen Remix) – Penetrator
13. The Human Condition (Justin Lassen Remix) – Digital Dirt Heads
14. End Credits (Justin Lassen Remix) – Robert Williamson & Johannes Kobilke

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