Scream 4 Soundtrack

It’s about time that another Scream flick came along to gouge the new cliches out of their sockets. Scream 4 does it in grandly Guignol style. – Tampa Bay Times

Scream 4 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Track Listing

1. Something To Die For – The Sounds
2. Bad Karma – Ida Maria
3. Cup Of Coffee – The Novocaines
4. Make My Body – The Chain Gang Of 1974
5. Don’t Mess With The Original – Marco Beltrami
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah – The Sounds
7. Run For Your Life – 6 Day Riot
8. Axel F – Raney Shockne
9. On Fire – Locksley
10. Devils – Say Hi
11. Denial – Stereo Black
12. Jill’s America – Marco Beltrami

Listen to Samples from all the songs here

Album Available at: iTunes / Amazon


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