Ain’t Them Bodies Saints : Album Review and Video Preview

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Soundtrack Original Score by Daniel Hart is out now.  Read this wonderful review of the Soundtrack at

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is a truly moving score. It starts off very warm almost with a heartfelt glow. There’s the slightest flutter of love moving underneath the music. The piece titled “Ruth And Sylvie” is a stunning meditation on the warmth of family. The clapping that acts as the percussion is not only unique but it gives a figurative and literal human touch that is very different than say a vocal. The sense of touch is translated into the sense of hearing, and I think that’s very amazing.

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Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Track Listing:

01. ATBS Theme – Daniel Hart
02. Ruth and Sylvie – Daniel Hart
03. Freddy’s Dead/Sylvie’s Born – Daniel Hart
04. Fixer Upper – Daniel Hart
05. Bob Escapes – Daniel Hart
06. Ruth Tries to Write – Daniel Hart
07. Skerritt Reads the Letter – Daniel Hart
08. Do You Remember That Day? – Daniel Hart
09. Sweet Talk – Daniel Hart
10. The Last Shootout – Daniel Hart
11. Inside the Farmhouse – Daniel Hart
12. The Lights – Keith Carradine
13. Blue Jay – Curtis Heath
14. Ain’t Long Enough – Andrew Tinker
15. Here We Are – Greg Schroeder w/ Mara Lee Miller
16. He Never Told Me – Annell Brodeur
17. Been Waiting – Curtis Heath and John Graney
18. Appalachian Abduction – Curtis Heath
19. Siren Call – Aaron Kyle

Preview all of the tracks here:

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