Hanan Townshend talks about To The Wonder Soundtrack

Download the To The Wonder Soundtrack: http://bit.ly/ToTheWonderSoundtrack

Most of what you hear on the album is used in the film. So, that was a big purpose. I’ve got a lot more material, but I didn’t want to release stuff that wasn’t going to be used in the film. There are a couple pieces that aren’t used that are in there, but I really thought they needed to be there.

It is a very fragmented kind of film score. I didn’t really go into it certain of what we were going to come out with and I kind of felt that, to some degree everyone, was kind of feeling around in the dark trying to find what was out there and these were the things that the picture required. There’s quite a distinction between some of the pieces, there’s a lot of the very drony pieces that never exist in the film in their entire.

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