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EXCLUSIVE! ‘Lost In Space’ Soundtrack: Listen To ‘Will And The Robot’ By Christopher Lennertz | Inverse

When you listen to the new composition from Lennertz, the more serious and complex tones actually get back to OG Lost in Space roots – Ryan Britt, Inverse

Are you excited for the premiere of Lost In Space this Friday on Netflix? Listen to another cue from the score by Christopher Lennertz entitled, “Will And The Robot” exclusively now at Inverse!  The story also provides a great primer on the history and inspiration behind the series score, namely referencing John Williams’ score from the original series.

Pre-order The Soundtrack: [iTunes]

Together with Legendary Television, Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack digitally on April 13!  

LOST IN SPACE premieres April 13 on Netflix.

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EXCLUSIVE! Listen To ‘Danger Will Robinson’ By Christopher Lennertz (Lost In Space Soundtrack) | Nerdist

The song plays during a climactic moment, and it has an epic, sweeping opening, the type of music you’d want to hear as you looked across a strange new wondrous planet in awe. But then it turns sinister, a harbinger of danger to come, before settling into a song worthy of a great hero facing that threat. – Michael Walsh, Nerdist


Last week, you saw the opening credits for Lost In Space, debuting Christopher Lennertz’s score to a worldwide audience!  And now, we are excited to present the epic track, “Danger Will Robinson” at Nerdist!  This is a cue from the soundtrack, out digitally April 13 via Legendary Television and Lakeshore Records! Are you excited to see Lost In Space this Friday?

Pre-order The Album: [iTunes]

LOST IN SPACE premieres April 13 on Netflix.