Premiere: Daisy Ridley and Composer Alex Mandel Debut ‘The Inventor’ Soundtrack |

The Inventor animated feature is set to open in theaters on Friday, September 15.  To join the celebration, the film’s star Daisy Ridley and composer Alex Mandel is giving us a taste of the delightful soundtrack headed our way.  Listen to “From This Tiny Seed, Pt. 1” performed by Daisy Ridley, and “Leonardo and the King” by Alex Mandel  now at Lakeshore Records will release the full album digitally on Friday, September 15 on all major digital music services worldwide.  View the tracklist below.

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Track List 

01. From This Tiny Seed, Pt. 1 – Daisy Ridley 

02. The Shepherd’s Song – Matt Berry 

03. Mona Lisa, Pt. 1 – Stephen Fry, Sequoia Cristobal-Mandel 

04. Leonardo’s New Home – Stephen Fry  

05. An Ideal City – Daisy Ridley 

06. Kings! – Wellington Community Choir 

07. Mona Lisa / From this Tiny Seed, Pt. 2 – Stephen Fry, Sequoia Cristobal-Mandel 

08. En Garde, Pret, Allez! – Marion Cotillard 

09. Song of the Stars – Sequoia Cristobal-Mandel 

10. Stone In A River – Elodie Collins, Kat White 

11. In Rivers – Alex Mandel 

12. Introducing Leonardo – Alex Mandel 

13. Leonardo and Melzi – Alex Mandel 

14. Titles (An Ideal City) – Alex Mandel 

15. First Soul Journey – Alex Mandel 

16. The Pope and Leonardo – Alex Mandel 

17. Tidings of War – Alex Mandel 

18. Before War Movie – Alex Mandel 

19. War Movie – Alex Mandel 

20. Be His Shepherd – Alex Mandel 

21. Leonardo and the King – Alex Mandel 

22. Francis in France – Alex Mandel 

23. Touring the Grounds – Alex Mandel 

24. Testing the Ground – Alex Mandel 

25. Francis’ Statue – Alex Mandel 

26. Leonardo Dreams of Ideal City – Alex Mandel 

27. Francis likes Ideal City – Alex Mandel 

28. Graverobber – Alex Mandel 

29. Second Soul Journey – Alex Mandel 

30. Marguerite and Leonardo Talk – Alex Mandel 

31. Leonardo in a Rush – Alex Mandel 

32. Marguerite’s Ideal City, Pt. 2 – Alex Mandel 

33. Francis Rides and Crashes – Alex Mandel 

34. Queen Scolds Marguerite – Alex Mandel 

35. Third Soul Journey (Prelude) – Alex Mandel 

36. Third Soul Journey – Alex Mandel 

37. A Cardinal Approaches – Alex Mandel 

38. Francis Defends Leonardo – Alex Mandel 

39. Ideal City Dance – Alex Mandel 

40. Francis’ Epiphany – Alex Mandel 

41. The Women Ascend – Alex Mandel 

42. Leonardo’s New Home (End Titles) – Alex Mandel 

Directed by Jim Capobianco, THE INVENTOR opens in theaters Friday, September 15 (get tickets).


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