Deceit: Marc Canham’s Electronic Series Score Releases Digitally!

‘A gripping portrayal of a real-life undercover operation’ – Independent

Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack to “Deceit” is a British four-part television drama miniseries, based on the true story of a controversial undercover operation carried out by the Metropolitan Police in 1992.  The album features score by Marc Canham, who readers may recall from his work on the Netflix drama, I Care A Lot.  Keep reading to view the tracklist and more.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]
Track List
01. Lizzie’s Theme
02. Part Of The Deal
03. The Common
04. He Will Kill Again
05. Beautiful Blue Eyes
06. Dark Secret
07. Escalation
08. Trap
09. On The Brink
10. Solitary Hobbies
11. Always Felt Sorry
12. It’s Inevitable
13. Turned On
14. People Are Awful
15. Call Back Later
16. Send Me Crazy
17. You Must Be Colin
18. On The Alter
19. Deviant
20. Knife Going In
21. We Got Him
22. It’s Over
23. One Woman
24. Photograph
25. Fantasy With A Knife
26. Daemons
27. Eye Drops
28. I’m Fine
29. Just To Please You
30. Free To Go
31. I Followed Orders
32. Down With Us
33. 14 Years



About Mark Canham
Using a multitude of tools, both of an instrumental nature & others not so conventional, Marc Canham’s otherworldly film scores, compositions & various collaborations paint an ever so affective and vivid imagery, inviting listeners into a sublime aural journey.
With a sound palette that traverses vast sonic terrains, Canham’s bespoke aural alchemy is the result of seamlessly blending the acoustic & electronic realms, experimenting with unorthodox audio oddities and discovering the curious nuances and unpredictability of sound. Exploring innumerable sonic colours, textures and forms, these passages range from solitary moments of reflective quietude to grand walls of immense and mesmeric sound.  
Canham’s approach has resulted in a body of work that has received great acclaim and recognition within the worlds of film, art and interactive soundtracks; including the recently completed film score to ‘I Care A Lot’, the Netflix Original feature film ‘CLOSE’, ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’ and ‘Burn Burn Burn’, in addition to the internationally acclaimed ‘The Danger Tree’ augmented reality art installation.
 Ethereal ambience, dark mysticism & futuristic elements all effortlessly fuse in Canham’s creations, consistently crafting a micro-cosmos for the audience to immerse themselves within.


Niamh Algar stars as the undercover police officer, codenamed “Lizzie James”, who attempts to entrap Colin Stagg, the police’s prime suspect.

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