Happy Synthtember! A Special Cassette and Playlist For Synth Lovers


For synth aficionados, every day is synth day. However, September (aka Synthtember) is a particularly great month for celebrating the best of synth scores, music from soundtracks and compositions inspired by the cinematic experience.  If you’re a dedicated follower of Lakeshore Records, then you were among the first to be notified of two special announcements for your listening pleasure.

The special The Rise of the Synths soundtrack on retro-tastic cassette format!  This soundtrack features score by Robin Ogden (aka OGRE) from the wildly-popular, fan-supported synthwave / synth music documentary!  Grab it at the Lakeshore Records webshop (sorry, US addresses only for now).

Retail: USD $13.95

Track Listing:
Side A ~ 16:12 mins
01. Creation Myths (Opening Titles)
02. Synth Rider: Night Drive
03. Rebel Beauty
04. Analog Wasn’t Cool
05. Rebel Instinct
06. Mothership
07. A Strange Kid

Side B ~ 17:02 mins
08. Rewinding The Future
09. The Rise Of The Synths
10. Synths Weren’t Cool
11. Saudade
12. Cheap & Fast
13. Can I Take a Ride With You?
14. The Rise Of The Synths Redux


Prefer the digital format?  Get lost in this epic compilation of carefully curated tunes from multiple synth sub-genres. With close to five hours of music overall to power you through your work day (or weekend), you might consider hitting that Spotify follow button because it is an ever-updating playlist that is managed by our in-house synth addicts. Share your favorite tracks with us or suggest a new addition in the comments below.  Happy Synthtember!


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