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Citizen Penn: Multi-GRAMMY Nominated Linda Perry Releases Her Score + Bono End Credits Track!

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Perry and Bono wrote and produced “Eden (To Find Love),” an understated folk-rock tune led by a delicate guitar strum and the soft patter of drums. Bono’s vocals begin at a hush but rise steadily over the course of the song as he sings, “Out of the ash, out of the dust/The clever learn, who not to trust/The genius of belief, is that we must, take a chance sometimes on us.” – Rolling Stone

Multi-Grammy Nominated, Golden Globe Nominated, Songwriter Hall of Fame Inducted Singer-Songwriter, Producer and Composer Linda Perry puts her magical touch on the score to Motion Picture Soundtrack: CITIZEN PENN — out now on Lakeshore Records.   The film is airing now on Discovery+.  The soundtrack includes the end credits track, “Eden (To Find Love)” by Bono, originally premiered at Rolling Stone, and “Progress and Hope” by Linda Perry, originally premiered at!

Citizen Penn–Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out now via Lakeshore Records!

See the album tracklist, purchase link and film details below.

Perry’s score encapsulates the film’s larger-than-life drama and personalities, the endurance of human spirit, and unwavering all-hands-on-deck local community problem-solving in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the humanitarian efforts of Sean Penn and a team of volunteers. –

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Citizen Penn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Linda Perry

01. Take Your Seats
02. Who’s Sean Penn
03. Pain and Purpose
04. January 12, 2010
05. Assembling the Team
06. Get in the Car
07. Supply Run
08. Civil War Medicine
09. Finding the Camp
10. Deciding to Stay
11. Our Hospital
12. In Transit
13. A Brief History of Haiti
14. Long Moan
15. Loaded Up, On the Way
16. They’re Gone
17. People Were Suspicious
18. Oriel
19. Searching Port au Prince
20. Left Alone
21. Relocation
22. Miles of Rubble
23. Heavy Machinery
24. Miles of Rubble Reprise
25. A Dangerous Situation
26. Cholera Strikes
27. In My Country
28. The Gala
29. Year After Year
30. Progress and Hope
31. The New Boss
32. Morning in Paris
33. Haiti Takes Root
34. Back in Front of the Cameras
35. Disaster Response Mode
36. Morning in Savannah
37. The Bahamas Happens
38. Stone Soup
39. The Most Distant Daylight
40. Eden (To Find Love) – Bono  

CITIZEN PENN is a deeply meaningful and inspiring film, beautifully shot in the wake of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake that has been directed by Don Hardy (“Theory of Obscurity.”).  Perry’s score perfectly encapsulates the film’s-larger-than-life drama and personalities, the endurance of human spirit, and unwavering all-hands-on-deck local community problem-solving.   U2’s Bono who gives a chilling performance of the only artist driven track on the soundtrack, Eden: To Find Love who co-wrote it with Perry is featured during the film’s end credits.  “Linda Perry is an unparalleled music icon with an incredible talent for crafting deeply resonant music both on and off the screen. Lakeshore Records is honored and thrilled to partner with Linda’s brilliant foray into film scoring with this deeply meaningful film,” says Brian McNelis, President, Lakeshore Records.
Directed through the lens of Don Hardy, the film is now a look back at a decade in the life of a man who decided to help the people of Haiti during the greatest humanitarian crisis of all time and the struggles and triumphs he and his organization faced along the way. It is a film about how you build a plane while it’s already in the air and how you keep it flying after it has grown bigger than you ever imagined.   “Deep down, this is why I tried to make this film for so many years. What I saw in Haiti back in 2010 and over and over in the years since changed me as a filmmaker and as a person. The kindness and collaboration shown by the volunteers, the Haitian people, the medical personnel, and of course Sean, was unlike anything I’d seen before…or since. Hopefully, by giving audiences a window into the world of international aid and disaster relief they can find a bit of that activist spirit too,” states Hardy.  After such powerful and emotive imagery caught on film, Hardy helmed Perry and tasked her to match what was caught on tape to tell the story through music.  “When I first began talking to Linda about scoring Citizen Penn, a project I’d spent almost a decade trying to get made, I never could have imagined the challenges we would face getting the film finished and out into the world. We quickly developed a shorthand while working remotely due to COVID-19, and her commitment to the project never wavered. Linda understood the film’s deeper themes and our protagonist, Sean Penn. She wrote and played from the heart. Her passion and artistry elevates every scene.”
Perry previously contributed original songs to Peter Sollett’s Feeheld as well as Anne Fletcher’s Dumplin (co-written with Dolly Parton), for which she received a Golden Globe and Grammy Nomination.  “My dream was not to be a big rockstar, it was to create music that would play a supporting role in films.  Every song I write comes from a visual, not a word, not a strum,” says Perry.

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Stream Citizen Penn now on Discovery Plus.

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