Concrete Cowboy: Score By Kevin Matley To Netflix Film Arrives Digitally April 2!

Concrete Cowboy - Kevin Matley

Lakeshore Records is set to release Concrete Cowboy—Music From the Netflix Film digitally on April 2 with music by Kevin Matley.  The understated score highlights solo instruments to provide an emotionally rich and moving backdrop to the father-son drama about a teen caught between a life of crime and his estranged father’s vibrant urban-cowboy subculture.  See the album track list and pre-save link below.

The film is directed by Ricky Staub, stars Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin and will release on Netflix on April 2.

Pre-save The Album: [Spotify]

Track List
01. Expulsion
02. Driving To Philly
03. Please Don’t Leave Me
04. Fletcher Street I
05. Cole’s Theme
06. Old Beer And Slice Cheese
07. The Lion’s Den
08. Back To Harp’s House
09. Cleaning The Stables
10. Paris Talks $hit
11. Fletcher Street II
12. New Saddle
13. Smush Used To Ride
14. Breaking Boo
15. Breaking Cole
16. Horse Race
17. Don’t Go Nowhere
18. Basketball Court Date
19. You Don’t Have To Get Out To Grow Up
20. Animal Control
21. Heist
22. Cemetery
23. We Gonna Ride

Says Matley: “I love the way Ricky Staub tells stories, so working with him again on Concrete Cowboy was very special. I wanted the score to serve as the musical spirit for the characters who are all from different backgrounds but come together for the same two reasons: community and riding horses. To achieve this, I decided to lean on solo instruments to create a more raw yet visceral sound.”

When fifteen-year-old Cole (Caleb McLaughlin) is expelled from school in Detroit, he is sent to North Philadelphia to live with Harp (Idris Elba), his estranged father. Harp finds solace in rehabilitating horses for inner city cowboys at the Fletcher Street Stables, a real-life black urban horsemanship community that has provided a safe haven for the neighborhood residents for more than 100 years. Torn between his growing respect for his father’s community and his reemerging friendship with troubled cousin Smush (Jharrel Jerome), Cole begins to reprioritize his life as the stables themselves are threatened by encroaching gentrification.

Stream CONCRETE COWBOY April 2, 2021 on Netflix!


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