Bad Hair Soundtrack: Music By Kris Bowers, Kelly Rowland & Justin Simien Debuts Digitally!

“The Bernard Herrmann/Hitchock movie type score by Kris Bowers is effectively creepy as well.” – Chicago Sun Times

“Kris Bowers’ simmering score clouds ordinary scenes in menace” 
Entertainment Weekly

Lakeshore Records has released  Bad Hair (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring score by Kris Bowers (“When They See Us”, Green Book), and music by Kelly Rowland and Justin Simien!  Find out what critics are saying about the soundtrack, which features Bowers’ “Hermann-esque” score (Indiewire) and New Jack Swing era-inspired songs featuring Kelly Rowland, Braxton Cook, and writer/director Justin Simien that provide the perfect backdrop to the satirical horror thriller set in 1989.

Simien wrote some of the songs many years back, reworked them and they eventually wound up receiving the blessing of the godfather of New Jack Swing himself, Teddy Riley.  Bowers produced the songs, bringing Simien’s vision of them to life.  Lakeshore previously released the single, “Tenderheaded,” as an instant grat track.


Part Brian De Palma flick, part Invasion of the Body Snatchers, part Dracula, and part Stepford Wives, Bad Hair filters its influences through Simien’s hyper-specific passions and unique sensibilities to become a singular horror comedy from a singular filmmaker.  – /Film

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


“Kris Bowers’ score pumps up the psychological-thriller mood, with occasional flights into high-drama Bernard Hermann territory,” – The Hollywood Reporter

Moody Bernard Hermann-esque – Indiewire

“I find that with comedy, and especially with comedy in the horror genre, has to be scored as though it’s incredibly serious. Part of the thrill of watching a funny scary film is never knowing when the scary part is going to jump out at us. So the music has to make you jump and it can only do that if it’s creating the environment of a seriously scary film. “ Kris Bowers, – Film Music Mag

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