Lakeshore Pre-orders: And She Could Be Next, The Doorman, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, The Rise of the Synths

This week, Lakeshore Records kicks off the month with four soundtrack pre-orders, featuring And She Could Be Next (various artists), The Doorman (Aldo Shllaku), The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Ben Lovett), and The Rise of the Synths score (OGRE Sound)!   Keep reading to view the album track lists and access the pre-order links.  

AND SHE COULD BE NEXT (Out 10/9) – [Pre-order/Pre-save]

And She Could Be Next (A Voting Rights Album Produced by Gingger Shankar & William Stanbro) 

Various Artists  

  1. Believe (feat. Aloe Blacc) – Sa-Roc, Gingger Shankar & D*L*P
  2. New Generation – Judith Hill, Dee MC, HeeSun Lee , Gingger Shankar & William Stanbro
  3. Shadow – Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball, Sheila E. & Gingger Shankar 
  4. Wild Woman – Shawnee
  5. For Jordan, For Elijah, For… (feat. Vivek Maddala & Isaiah Gage) – Gingger Shankar & William Stanbro
  6. Burn (feat. Hyro the Hero) – Saul Williams, Sussan Deyhim, Gingger Shankar & William Stanbro
  7. Love Be The Way (feat. Oompa) Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys
  8. Town After Town (feat. Genie Santiago) – This Way to the Egress
  9. The Squad (feat. Sa-Roc) – Sarah DeAun, Gingger Shankar, Raaginder, Tia Simone & JKeyz


THE DOORMAN (Out 10/9) – [Pre-order/Pre-save]

The Doorman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Aldo Shllaku

01. The Convoy (Main Titles)
02. The Ambush
03. Sound Memories
04. Saving Jasper
05. Drinks For Two
06. Lock Down
07. Mom’s Not Here
08. Apartment 10C
09. They’re Back
10. Fighting Peewee
11. Doorman In The Building
12. The Search
13. Name Search
14. The Chase
15. Brains On The Wall
16. We Are Civilized
17. False Alarm
18. Two For One
19. No Way Out
20. Blast From The Past
21. Formal Introduction
22. Rooftop Fight
23. The Stand Off
24. Tunnel Chase
25. Let’s Finish This
26. Goodbye (End Credits)  


THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW (Out 10/9) – [Pre-order/Pre-save]

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
Ben Lovett 

  1. The Werewolf
  2. Welcome to Snow Hollow
  3. Little Red Riding Hood
  4. First Full Moon
  5. First Crime Scene
  6. Snow Hollow Mystery
  7. Second Full Moon
  8. Second Crime Scene
  9. Slopes
  10. Relapse
  11. Werewolf Stories
  12. Third Crime Scene
  13. Utah
  14. Detectives
  15. Second Relapse
  16. Full Moon Fever
  17. Snow Hollow Killer
  18. Returning Evidence
  19. For Protection
  20. New Sheriff


THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS (Out 10/16) – [Pre-order/Pre-save]

The Rise of the Synths - OGRE Sound | Lakeshore Records

The Rise of the Synths (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
OGRE Sound

01. Creation Myths (Opening Titles)
02. Synth Rider: Night Drive
03. Rebel Beauty
04. Analog Wasn’t Cool
05. Rebel Instinct
06. Mothership
07. A Strange Kid
08. Rewinding The Future
09. The Rise Of The Synths
10. Synths Weren’t Cool
11. Saudade
12. Cheap & Fast
13. Can I Take a Ride With You?
14. The Rise Of The Synths Redux  

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