Pre-order Brittany Allen’s Score To Shudder Original ‘Z’ – Coming September 18!

Z soundtrack - Brittany Allen | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Z, available digitally on Friday, September 18.  The album features original score by Brittany Allen (What Keeps You Alive).  Directed by Brandon Christensen, whose credits include Director of Still/Born and Executive Producer of What Keeps You Alive and Visual Effects on VFW and The Pale Door, Z is co-written by What Keeps You Alive ‘s Colin Minihan.  See the pre-order links below.

Z is now streaming exclusively on Shudder.

Pre-order / Pre-save The Album: [Digital Album]

Track List

Z (Original Score)
Brittany Allen

01. Imagination
02. The Trouble
03. A Home
04. In The Pit Of Her Stomach
05. In The Shadows
06. A Sinking Feeling
07. A Monster In The House Pt. 1
08. What’s Broken Can’t Be Fixed
09. A Monster In The House Pt. 2
10. That Which Must Be Done Pt. 1
11. Watching Pt. 1
12. Watching Pt. 2
13. After All These Years
14. The Missing Pieces Pt. 1
15. Alone
16. The Missing Pieces Pt. 2
17. Remember Now
18. Unbeknownst To Him
19. All Is Gone
20. That Which Must Be Done Pt. 2
21. Hide And Seek
22. Outside The Door
23. In Your Bed
24. The Past Is Watching
25. Time Slips
26. All That Remains
27. Story Of A Family


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